Hammy Holidays Part 3…

Posted in Cuisine, Leisure on January 2, 2010 by bayoujoe2

christmas in florida…   need i say more?   down in the srq,  meallinaros celebrate in style.  with every night comes a new handmade feast.  a brief summary:  black bean cakes, cold-cutz,  yettis,  vege-swedish meatballs w/ pirogies, and quiche for days, and because mrs. lucy and i share the same heritage, i was showered with stuffed cabbage…  our first night home jenna and brian made amazing home made pizza and its a real shame i didnt get any pictures.  sorry guys.   stayed up every night watching scary movies and woke up to good coffee, scrambled eggs and the paper.   my only responsibility the whole week was to simply “mash the button”.   thanks for having me.


Hammy Holidayz Part 2 (Christa’s 30th)…

Posted in Birthdays on December 31, 2009 by bayoujoe2

just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out on such short notiice to ladychrista’s surprise birthday/pizza party.    i suppose i shouldn’t be too suprised cause i’d go just about anywhere for a free slice of carmine’s .   excuse the terrible photography, i couldnt seem to get any good shots.  happy birthday christa!!!

Hammy Holidayz Part 1…

Posted in Cuisine, Leisure on December 31, 2009 by bayoujoe2

this is the first post in quite a while so give yourself a little bit of time to ease back into the flannel.  its been a long time, and since the last entry the gators lost to alabama and missed the chance at the national championship, christmas came and passsed, ive experienced korean baths, both brudders are all grown up, and i recovered from my ohio head trauma.  heres part 1 in a series of 3, maybe 4, and im pretty sure this was thanksgiving at russ and jason’s place, except for the miniature tree and cats – thats our place.

asiatown in the mkz: day 3…

Posted in Leisure on May 27, 2009 by bayoujoe2

sunday was good.  slept in till 12 and for lunch bought a meatball sandwich from an unforgettable thug.  sorry guys, no pictures…  although, i’m pretty sure you can see the sandwich on jason’s food blog.  we then went to the queen’s museum to check out the panoramic model of new york’s 5 boroughs i’ve been talking up for the last few weeks.  it proved itself amazing.  after the museum, we watched some good soccer matches in corona park under the old world’s fair space needle and globe, then proceeded to chinatown in flushing, queens to pick up some fresh seafood for the grillout later that night – all under the command of our hands-free gps navigation system…

 new york panoramanew york panoramicnew york panoramic sista christaold worlds fair view from queen's museumglobe trottineyes on the prizemister softygps set for "chinatown/flushing"chinese hunkchinatown in queensbody rub rowshrimp n' salmon on the flamesunday grilloutjas and christashonene and jastoddlesne ne and toddlesjanetmarcellus and jasper sharing chops

big trouble in little china: day 2…

Posted in Leisure on May 25, 2009 by bayoujoe2

with so much traffic on the roads this holiday weekend, what better to do then stay in town – chinatown.   the mkz was in full effect and the markets were bumpin.  we strolled sunset park and ate some good curry noodle dishes for cheap.  christa got some new gladiator sandals.  learned a new back route through bushwick to prospect park, and learned touchscreen gps, all in preperation for sunday’s repeat.  for more info visit jason’s food blog @ http://www.mightysweet.com/mesohungry/

jesus feet step on the gas sunset park china townkinda like greenpointhot teasquid curry bowlbean curd piedesert fruit platelam so hungrytwo fishes for saleoptionsmore optionsthe sceneseafood delighton icechina hatwolfpack poppersmy kinda placelove bunjason and his bubblybubble water on ice

riding in cars with boyz: day 1…

Posted in Leisure on May 24, 2009 by bayoujoe2

i suppose the american auto industry has fallen into such desperate times that their willing to do just about anything to get people in their cars – like loan them out for the weekends to random food bloggers.   or just disguise themselves with catchy new names like FoMoCo (ford motor company).  so jason was loaned a lincoln mkz for the holiday weekend and since he doesn’t drive, i did.  no paper work.  no hassles.  one quick signature,  some words of honor, and we were rollin’ out!  voice activated gps.  a sub-bass system.  bernie mac interior mixed with the smell of leather.  the works!   we picked her up friday after work and the weather permitted some real cruzin.  first stop – duane reade for some trail mix.  then we stopped by christa’s school to pick up her paper, and then jason’s work for some boxes.  afterwords we got some tacos and stopped by a party for some dancin’ and to watch our friends play.  made it home just in time to order a pizza.  for more info visit jason’s food blog @ http://www.mightysweet.com/mesohungry/

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meester mom’s cracker-style mac n’ cheese…

Posted in Cuisine on May 17, 2009 by bayoujoe2

i got this recipe from the back of a cracker box – fo’ real!  christa was laid out on the couch today with a migrain, so what else to make her feel better than some saltines and a fizzy drink.  when i opened the box i saw this recipe on the back and i decided it was time to take my in-house care service to the next level.   it came out pretty good although i think i’ll go a little lighter on the saltine-crumbles next time…

you ‘ll need:  1 1/2 cups ricotta cheese.  1 cup of milk.  1 small can of whole kernel corn, drained.  1 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese.  1 teaspoon of garlic powder.  2 cups tricolor cooked macaroni twists or rotini.  hand-full of saltines, crushed.


1.  cook your pasta, and in the meantime grate the cheddar.

2.  once the pasta is done, drain and put back in the large pot.  combine ricotta, milk, chedder, and garlic in the same pot and stir.

3.  grease up a baking dish and place mixed ingredients in it and put in the oven.  bake for 30 minutes.  smash up your saltines while your waiting.

4.  take out mac n cheese, and sprinkle saltines on top.   stick back in the oven to toast for a few miutes and your done.